indiana solar energy.

How Indiana Solar Works: Everything You Need To Know

Indiana now offers great solar power incentives for Indiana solar energy homeowners and businesses. Due to these state and federal incentives, there are now many options for homeowners and businesses to save money utilizing Indiana’s net metering policy. Indiana Solar Incentives and Rebates Indiana state laws allow homeowners to see the following benefits of solar [...]
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U.S. solar energy jobs continue to boom across the nation. Expect to see an increase in solar energy jobs in the next years. Solar energy jobs

U.S. Solar Energy Jobs Boom In Past Year

As most states are setting goals of 100% renewable energy production within the next 20 to 50 years, solar energy jobs, employment and job creation continues to boom alongside projections. The Solar Energy Industries Association and The National Solar Jobs Census 2019 reported that in the U.S., the solar industry had a record year in [...]
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How Much Will My Home Value Increase With Solar?

A very common question is 'Does solar increase my home value?'. Prior studies have stated that having solar panels on a home have no benefits in increasing the value of a home, but there have been many restrictions on the studies themselves. Just recently, a study done by Berkeley Labs with newer demographics and information, [...]
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