solar panel installation

Solar Panel Installation

Tron Solar takes pride in being one of few solar companies nation-wide that are fully “in-housed”. This means that we control and maintain the highest quality solar panel installation you deserve.

  • Custom designs allow us to get your panels just the way you want on your home
  • Our 5-Star Customer Care ensures you will be treated like you are part of the Tron family
  • Monthly Savings are designed to get you the most amount of cost savings possible
  • High Quality Solar Panel Installation is of utmost priority for our Tron Installers, who are thoroughly trained in detail to perfection
  • Our excellent 10 year full-service warranty, 25 year manufacturers & 10 year roof warranty are industry leading
  • System Monitoring allows an inside look into your system’s production through live mobile apps


Solar panels contain what are called ‘solar cells’ within them. These solar cells are semiconductors and generate electricity from sunlight. The process of solar cells generating electricity is known as the Photovoltaic Effect.

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