April 21, 2019

Solar Energy

West Chicago

Rich’s system was installed in West Chicago, IL, in June of 2019. His savings, panel production and environmental impact are already impacting him and his family’s every-day life in an incredible way.

The south-facing 30-panel system His 29-panel system is powered with a SolarEdge HD Wave inverter and Rich has successfully reduced his average monthly electric bill from $145 to $89, plus an inevitable utility connection fee of $16 that all homeowners are required to pay.

My average bill used to be about $140-$150 a month on average. Now after my solar panels and after my incentive money, my payment actually drops down to about 89 dollars a month. Then my ComEd bill is a base fee of 15-16 dollars.

solar energy jobs.

In Illinois, homeowners may participate in the Illinois Shines program, where they are offered two incentives to convert to renewable energy. First is the 26% federal tax credit. This incentive is only available for solar systems that aren’t leased. Second is the SREC (Solar Renewable Energy Credit) program. This incentive allows homeowners to receive payment on a per kilowatt-hour basis. Solar systems are also property tax-exempt. In Rich’s case. his system was purchased and he has received the benefits of both incentives.

The savings on solar now that I’ve had it for almost a full year now has been huge. Absolutely huge the savings you have on the energy that I’m producing right now. My house primarily uses about five to 600 watts of energy, but my panels are producing 7,000.

Solar continues to be the forerunning power source in renewable energy. Interested in learning about the benefits of solar for your home, business or property? Click here to find out if your roof qualifies.

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