Commercial & Industrial Solar

Federal tax incentives and highly favorable accelerated depreciation result in a typical ROI between 2-4 years. Entities who install commercial and industrial solar receive the following benefits:

Federal “Investment Tax Credit” (ITC)

  • Tax Credit of 30% of the value of the investment
  • Can be taken in current year, applied to prior year, or taken forward up to 5 years
  • Can be passed up ownership chain and applied to any passive income

Accelerated Depreciation

  • Allows for depreciation using MACRS schedule (i.e. fully depreciate first year)
  • Reduces annual tax burden on the property

Local Incentives

  • A highly favorable net metering system which can allow you to create power that you can use at a later date – a credit that never expires

REAP Grant

  • Up to 25% of project total awarded to selected applicants for companies in qualifying rural areas

By combining these incentives, overall out of pocket costs can be reduced by approximately 60-70%. As part of our service, we will provide you with required documents for your finance department or tax accountant to assist in maximizing these incentives.

The sun’s power is yours for the taking