TCPA & DNC Tron Solar Policy
Under any form submission button, or otherwise implied action of submitting information on any TRON SOLAR landing page, it is required for the following text to be visible underneath the form submission button in 12 sized font:  By clicking this button, you consent to receive calls about our products and services at the number you provided above. You agree that such calls may be made using an automatic telephone dialing system, they may be considered telemarketing or advertising under applicable law, and that you are not required to provide your consent to these calls to make a purchase from us.
DNC Policy: If a consumer’s phone number is listed on the National DNC Registry, it does not mean that she/he may not receive any telemarketing calls (and, in the case of mobile phone users, text messages). Consumers can provide consent to specific organizations that they want to receive communications from.
TRON SOLAR is allowed to call consumers who:

  • Expressly agree in writing to receive calls by or on behalf of the seller;
  • Provide this affirmative consent through a clear and conspicuous request; and
  • Provide the number to which calls may be placed as a part of this agreement.

TRON SOLAR employees or contractors will not engage in the following actions deemed violations of the National DNC registry, and other federal telemarketing regulations:

  • Using the DNC Registry for any purpose other than complying with applicable regulations.
  • Interfering with a person’s right to be placed on the DNC Registry.
  • Placing a telemarketing call to a person whose number is on the DNC Registry, unless the caller qualifies for one or more of the exemptions outlined below, including the established business relationship and safe harbor exemptions:
    • Established Business Relationship Exemption

With this exemption, a seller may call a consumer whose phone number is on the DNC Registry (provided the consumer has not otherwise asked to be placed on the seller’s internal do-not-call list) if the consumer has done either of the following:

  • Purchased, rented or leased the seller’s goods or services, or entered into a financial transaction with the seller, within 18 months preceding the subject telemarketing call; or
  • Inquired about or applied for the seller’s goods or services within three months preceding the subject telemarketing call.

Please note that this exemption does not necessarily apply when the subject telemarketing call is placed by one of the seller’s subsidiaries or affiliates.

“Safe Harbor” Exemption

Telemarketers are not subject to civil penalties or sanctions for calling a number on the DNC Registry if the caller erroneously placed the subject telemarketing call, provided that the advertiser meets the following standards as part of its routine business practices:

  • Establishes, implements, and enforces written internal do-not-call procedures;
  • Maintains an internal do-not-call list;
  • Trains its personnel and affiliates in these procedures; and
  • Synchronizes its calling lists with an updated version of the National DNC Registry every 31 days.



  • Do not call anyone listed in the National DNC Registry
  • Residences may not be called before 8 a.m. or after 9 p.m. in that residence time zone.
  • Do not deliver artificial voice calls or recordings to residences without prior express written consent.
  • Do not use autodialers, recordings, or simulated voices to make calls to mobile phones or other recipients where the receiver pays for the call itself.
  • It is prohibited to make calls using an automatic telephone dialing system (ATDS) to:
    • Any emergency telephone line and any emergency line of a hospital, medical physician or service office, health care facility, poison control center, or fire protection or law enforcement agency