Dallas, TX Solar Net Metering Policy

How Does Net Metering Work In Dallas, TX?

Dallas, Texas has one of the country’s best Net Metering policies. How does Net Metering work, exactly? As a Texas homeowner, you get full retail rate credit for the amount of electricity you send back into the grid with your solar panels. Net Metering mandates that your utility company monitor the amount of energy your solar power system generates, as well as how much energy your property actually consumes. This is ensure that you get credit for the surplus of energy you don’t use, thus building up energy credits you can use in the future on lower, cloudier days with little production. In Texas, Net Metering is offered through all utility companies and you will get credited for full retail electricity rates when your property produces more solar power than you are using.

An inside look into one of Dallas’s largest Net Metering programs, MP2, LLC, offers a Net Metering policy similar to many around the state.

“You will be credited for the solar power you export. In addition to being paid for excess generation, your utility rates will be lower by employing peak offset (switching to solar power during high-demand times when prices are higher). With long-term buyback contracts (up to 60 months) available, you’ll be less susceptible to power prices rising as a result of a variable rate.Whether generated on-site (from your own solar panels) or off-site (from the grid, when your electricity demand exceeds what your solar panels can produce), your home’s power needs will be met with 100% renewable energy!

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